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Organization Profile

Kappa Foundation of Fort Washington (MD)


The Kappa Foundation of Fort Washington, Inc. (KFFW) was incorporated in the State of Maryland on April 5, 2012. The primary mission of KFFW is to provide scholarships and other support for high school and college students and community-based organizations.  To date, KFFW has awarded over $50,000 in scholarships to local high school and college students.  


In 2021, KFFW awarded $10,000.00 in academic scholarships and grants to high school and college students.  In addition, we supported a breast cancer awareness workshop and distributed literature to the community and supported Domestic Violence awareness campaigns.  We also coordinated with churches and the Capital Food Bank and donated 10 turkeys in support of a local Thanksgiving food drive.  


KFFW has hosted 5 public health and wellness events in southern Prince Georges County. These events provide medical and dental screenings, flu shots, Covid vaccination and education, and general wellness information and coaching.  Area healthcare providers interact with the community, addressing their questions and concerns. Most recently, KFFW partnered with the MNCPPC Dept. of Parks and Recreation and the Prince Georges County Health Department to co-sponsor the 2021 District 9 Wellness Event, held at the Southern Area Aquatic and Recreation Complex (SARC) in Brandywine, MD.  


In addition to the Health and Wellness events, The Kappa Foundation of Fort Washington plays an active role in events such as the annual WHUR coat drive. KFFW also has provided toys for needy children during the Christmas holiday season. 

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Officers and Board of Directors

Kappa Foundation of Fort Washington (MD), Inc.

Bard members


David P. Baker.jpg

David P. Baker

President / Chairman of the Board

Arthur Bryant.jpg

Arthur R. Bryant

Vice President / Vice Chairm

Victor Watson.jpg

Victor D. Watson



Board of Directors

Isaac Alston.jpg

Isaac W. Alston

Junius T. Hanley.jpg

Junius T. Hanley

Ronald Austin.jpg

Ronald Q. Austin

Johnnie Osbourne.jpg

Johnnie T. Osborne

David Billings III.jpg

Dr. David J. Billings

Terance Matthews.jpg

Terance L. Matthews

Dwayne Davis.jpg

Dwayne K. Davis


David C. Robinson

Charles Gilbert.jpg

Charles A. Gilbert

Leon Staton.jpg

Leon C. Staton Jr.

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